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Brandon Li

The Gimbal MasterClass is a new online course that teaches the skills of filmmaking with a handheld gimbal.

I wanted to bring a gimbal on my next trip but I am still a beginner. I feared that it was going to be too difficult for me as I am not exactly experienced with a gimbal yet. These handheld moves are definitely a lifesaver! I am looking forward to trying out those techniques on my upcoming trip and continue with the other bootcamps afterward. Like you always emphasised – practice, practice, and practice! Thank you Brandon! Loving all your lessons so far!

Your gimbal basics are great and I can’t wait for more material from you. I love the fact that you’re a "direct to the point" type of guy. I always liked that in your YouTube videos. You’re articulate and taking the time to share your mindset and reasonings as you go. That’s so valuable. Thank you for this!

The Gimbal MasterClass is a systematic process to learn the skills of filmmaking with a handheld gimbal. Even if you don't have a filmmaking background; even if you're not an expert; even if you have no idea where to start; this course is for you!




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Learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.

Watch personally crafted gimbal coursework, directed and shot specifically for this course, from award-winning filmmaker, Brandon Li.

The Gimbal

Beginner to Advanced Training

This is an intensive course, starting with the basics of setting up and balancing your gimbal, and then showing you dozens of essential gimbal moves that you can use every day.

Tap each module to view the lessons.

Setup & Fundamentals

Welcome to the Gimbal Masterclass

Setup & Balance

Follow Modes

Using Your LCD Screen as a Monitor

Basic Gimbal Moves

Push & Pull

Partial Orbit

Rise Up

How to Walk with a Gimbal

Upright Follow

Upright Walking Lead

Upright Parallel Tracking

Inverting the Gimbal

Inverted Walking Lead & Follow

Gimbal & Monopod Inverted Mode

Orbit (Static Subject)

Orbit (Walking Subject)

Upright Running Follow & Lead

Gimbal & Monopod: Crane Up & Down

“Drone” Tracking Subject

“Drone” Fly Away

Upright Lead to Fly Away

Street Filmmaking

Infield: Upright Walking Lead

Infield: Upright Follow & Slider

Infield: Crane (Gimbal & Monopod)

Infield: Crane (Staircase & Bridge)

FE 35mm F1.8 Lens & Quick Release Mount

Infield: Upright Walking Lead (Panning & Tilting)

Infield: Upright Improvisation (Orbit, Push Pull, POV)

Infield: Upright Parallel Tracking

Infield: Inverted Orbit & Improvisation

Infield: Upright Walking

Follow & Lead (Matching Reverse Shots)

Clear Image Zoom

Infield: Upright Walking Lead (Staircase)

Infield: Drone Fly Away (No Monopod)

Go Mode (Sport Mode)

Learn how to shoot a Fluid "One-Shot" Master

Capture an Entire Scene in a Single Take Using Your Gimbal. The art and magic of the long one-take shot.

Narrative Filmmaking

Restaurant Scene

Chase Scene

Watch an Exclusive Preview


A gimbal is more than just a tool. It's a paintbrush for creating visual art. With this course, you will have all of the tools to paint in your own voice.

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The Gimbal Masterclass has hundreds of talented, skillful people who are registered and creating content from all across the world.

Get experienced feedback on what works and what doesn't from people like you, who are taking the same course. You can even connect with professional filmmakers inside the industry, as well as requesting feedback from Brandon directly.

I am new to the course. I must say that the narrative filmmaking lessons are just what I was looking for. They are really going to take my filmmaking to a whole other level. Thank you for creating such an amazing community where we can learn from each other and learn so much from yourself! I am becoming much more confident with filming and starting the weekly challenges! Thank you!!

I just got signed up and have binged on the first three courses. Excellent!! I had high hopes from seeing your work. That combined with your teaching style and the course structure have definitely surpassed my expectations. I’m closer to the end than the beginning of an engineering career and recall your YouTube "Boring Room" challenge thinking I’m not wired for this. Now that I see there is method and not simply the luck of an innate creative gene, I’m inspired. Thank-you.

Hi, I'm Brandon

I'm a nomadic filmmaker on an endless world tour. With over a decade of industry experience, I have been fortunate enough to work on international commercials campaigns, music videos, short films, events, and reality television.

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The Passion of Andalucía

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The Boring Room Challenge

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Delete the Crowds from Your Travel Video

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The Art of Flow

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A Catalunya Story

Are You Ready?

The Gimbal Masterclass is the system Brandon Li himself has developed over the course of his career in the filmmaking industry. Ranging from clients big and small, across multiple industries, and on nearly every continent on planet earth, these gimbal strategies, moves, and processes have solidified Brandon as one of the most sought-after creators. And now, Brandon's best set of tools are available to you.


What gimbal do I need to complete this course?

The Gimbal Masterclass was developed to be highly useful without the need for any specific gimbal. While the majority of the live examples and videos are shot with a Zhiyun-Tech gimbal, Brandon routinely tests different models and variations of gimbal technology. For reviews and suggestions on gimbals that Brandon has tested, visit his YouTube page for more information.

What if I don't have a filmmaking background?

Each lesson is designed from a beginner level but through a lens that all skill-levels can benefit. Are you just getting started with your mobile phone? No problem. Already working professionally? Get ready to learn too!

How is this different from other courses on the market?

The main difference is Brandon Li himself is the one teaching everything. He has lived and breathed everything throughout this course for a very long time. This is not a typical, “Learn how to spice up your Instagram” course. This course will provide you with the skills and tools to take you to your next level of filmmaking.

Is there a way I can talk to Brandon for a minute if I get stuck or want feedback?

Yes, you can absolutely chat with me and with other filmmakers in the community. After you join The Gimbal Masterclass, you will gain access to the exclusive forum community where you can reach out for answers, feedback, and support when you need it.

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The Gimbal Masterclass

$ 89.00 One-time payment
  • Setup & Fundamentals (3 lessons)
  • Basic Gimbal Moves (17 lessons)
  • Street Filmmaking (15 lessons)
  • Exclusive Community Membership
  • BONUS: Narrative Filmmaking (2 Long-Form Lessons)

This advanced lesson is all you need to get started making incredible “oners”; weaving seamlessly through a complex moving scene with your gimbal.

It all starts with the story. Take a scene and break it into “story beats” that can then be organized into “marks” for the camera and actor. Together, we'll create smooth movements that focus the audience’s attention on the right subject at the right time. Learn to adjust your actor’s performance to synchronize seamlessly with the gimbal movements.

Once you get a taste of one-take filmmaking, you’ll be hooked! Your gimbal is a powerful storytelling tool.